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Complete Human..Just Add Coffee

You may not know it, but your morning cup of Café Cara Mia connects you to millions of women coffee farmers across the world. In 2004, a few of these women in northern Peru created Café Femenino to rise up and receive their fair share. Since then, Café Femenino, the Co-op of women owned and operated coffee farms and the source of your Café Cara Mia cup of morning awesomeness, has grown into a movement empowering women in rural, remote coffee-growing regions in eight countries across the globe.

American’s drink 330 million cups of coffee every single day. That’s not a month or a year but every single day. Coffee only grows in select regions around the world and has suffered the ravages of climate change. Without drastic intervention, coffee could become extinct in our lifetime. Complete Human is committed to ensuring that the women behind your cup of Café Cara Mia have all the resources to ensure you can continue to enjoy your cup of coffee for decades to come.

Your morning routine can make a difference. Choose Café Cara Mia and empower women with every cup.

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