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Complete Human BiOmega™ was designed to support optimal inflammatory response with a unique combination of EPA, DHA, DPA and MCT. These potent polyunsaturated fatty acids combination also supports optimal joint and heart health.

Supports healthy cardiovascular function
Supports optimal neurological function
Supports healthy immune response
May improve joint tissue & mobility
Supports optimal eye & vision function

Product Ingredients


Is an essential fatty acid found abundantly in fish. This fatty acid is one of the most abundant in fish and supports a whole host of physiological functions with the human body. Polyunsaturated fatty acids, like EPA, support the body’s inflammatory response, with a goal of returning a human being to homeostasis after acute inflammation sets in. EPA supports this optimal inflammatory response while also supporting a healthy cardiovascular system.


DHA, like EPA and DPA, is an essential fatty acid found commonly in cold water fish like sardines and anchovies. DHA is a constituent element of breast milk and accounts for 97% of the omega 3 content found in the brain and 25% of the total fat content found in the brain. This essential fatty acid supports optimal brain and neurological, eye and vision function.


DPA, often called the missing Omega rounds out the essential fatty acid profile of BiOmega. Our DPA, sourced from cold water fish, amplifies the inflammation resolution properties of EPA while supporting the brain and eye health attributes of DHA. This long chain fatty acid makes BioOmega a complete Omega product for the modern human.

Medium-chain Triglyceride (MCT)

MCT oil is a concentrated version of medium-chain triglycerides usually from coconuts which have been known to lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar levels, and enhance brain function.

Body Support Fatty Acids

Our Body Support Fatty acid blend is a combination of healthy plant sourced omega 6 & 9 fatty acids to further enhance BiOmega™ with other important omegas.

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